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  2. Angie from Ohio

    September 18, 2022 at 2:51 pm

    I have been following this community since beautiful Gabby. I’ve laughed and cried with all of you. I’ve been watching this obsession that SF has for you unfold. After seeing this, please consider what I have to say. You putting this info out here is a huge red flag and I am honestly afraid for your well being. Please get a good lawyer and give them all this info then remove him from your blog and other SM..this will escalate into dangerous territory. You have to consider the others in your household now.
    I know because I’ve been through this with a man just like SF. He’s had trauma in his past, insecure and feels the need to be important by making up fake documents to cover his lies but gain admirers and sympathy. Center of attention, feels angry when others don’t agree. Every relationship he’s had with a woman ends with him making sure everyone knows he is the victim and he then makes her life hell. He believes his own lies and spews them as facts. It also doesn’t matter if the woman is married, he wants what he wants. This is his mindset in every aspect of his life. Ultimate narcissist but dangerous because the obsession never ends. He will watch and stalk you, show up at your home, threaten and disrupt. I had to get a restraining order. I moved into a private community and he tried to buy a home close by but the manager was made aware of the situation and banned him from the property.
    SF isn’t going to stop. His obsession with Nik and then Eva should make you pause. You have to consider the others in your household. It affects them too, believe me.
    Let a lawyer take the lead. Enjoy your life with your beautiful new family. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

    I love NBM…there is a quote I feel describes you all..

    I love that people who have been through hell walk out of the flames carrying buckets of water for those still consumed by the fire

  3. Angie from Ohio

    September 20, 2022 at 2:59 am

    Please forgive me for using this platform for this. I am not on SM. I am so relieved you are ok after the chaos yesterday. I can see you are destined for greater things to come.

    Regarding the toe pic, put a blonde wig on it and call it Nancy Grace..I did hear that Candus was using your lost juul as a splint for a while, and that lost juul was actually what Roberta was burying in the garden. When NBV2 caught her,she threw it over the fence. North Port police found it, determined it was in fact NOT Brian and then threw it into their bin of items to be sent to TBI for their evidence training because, well, they need it. They threw it over the back fence where someone from cornbread mafia found it. They thought it was a spy device so they dropped it in Candus’ yard. She found it, used it on her toe, then hid it in your car when you visited. Yup.

    Please make NBM decoder rings
    Lil nerdy should have the NBM swear jar. If everyone who has a running tab settles up,that should cover the cost..and then some.

    Please make a drone video using the theme for pink panther!

    That is all…I love you all


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